Top Ten Tips for a Spring Marquee Wedding

Considering having a Marquee Wedding in the Springtime? This can truly be a unique and beautiful experience, as you get to plan everything from the ground up.

However, the first thing to remember is that you cannot legally get married in a Marquee in the UK. Only permanent structures that meet specific requirements can be licensed for weddings. However you can enjoy your reception in style in your Marquee after the ceremony!

Top Ten Tips for a Spring Marquee Wedding

Here are some of our top ten tips to think about:

1. Location Location Location – Finding the right location is your priority. There are plenty of wonderful marquee wedding venues from stately homes, country wedding venues, hotels, to holiday resorts with self-catering accommodation. You will need plenty of flat space for your marquee, with easy access.

2. Call in the pros – get an experienced marquee company such as Bee’s Marquees, that can advise you as to what style Marquee to have for the location you have in mind. They can advise you from the outset about all the necessary steps are required, before you can get stuck into the fun stuff. For example, how to supply power to the marquee, what sort of access is required to be able to get the marquee into the location etc.

3. Toilets – not the most exciting thing to consider on your wedding day, but definitely something to think about at a marquee wedding. Make sure to check the quality of the mobile toilets that go along with your marquee. You do not want your guests in all their finery queuing up for one miserable portaloo. Ask to see pictures, as there are many new styles that will compliment your choice of location.

4. Timing – Springtime means a few extra long weekends thanks to bank holidays. If you do a little advance research into those weekends, you could plan a Sunday wedding for a discount, without asking your guests to take extra time off from work.

5. Practicalities – Think in some details about this. What flooring would be best? Coir matting is a good suggestion for more relaxed weddings, giving the guests a solid footing, and covering a multitude of sins when it comes to muddy feet. Your guests will want somewhere to place their cards and gifts, so tables near to the entrance may be a good idea, and then they will want somewhere to find a drink.
A solid walkway from car park to Marquee is recommended, as it is not fun navigating across fields sodden by April Showers whilst wearing high heels!
In case of rain at a Spring Wedding, it may be possible to get tented walkways to ensure guests comfort. Set out a basketful of colourful shawls in case of cooler temperatures, and consider marquee heaters in case of a cold snap

6. Comfort and Flow – You have to consider everything when using a Marquee for your reception. It will be your guests home for the day. Their comfort is paramount to your enjoyment.
Create “zones”/”stations” that help with the flow through the Marquee. Whether you book a Marquee with the facility for separate “rooms” making use of curtains and internal partitions, or if you choose to have one big open space with sections for a dance-floor and bar, a seating area for the meal, and a chill out area where guests can mill about, having these zones should help with the comfort and entertainment of the guests.

7. Vertical Space – Use the ceiling space for decorations – there can be a lot of height with marquee’s and with Spring in the air, this could be the time for floral garlands and bunting. Have fun adding a few unique pieces to show your individual style.

8. Lighting – you need to think about lighting both inside and outside the marquee. Are the routes from the parking facilities and the toilet facilities sufficient for the guests? They need to be able to see where they are going and not lose their footing.

9. Catering – Always check with your caterers as to what facilities they will need in their catering tent in order to run smoothly throughout your big day. Appropriate access to power and fresh water will always be required.

10. A Time to Remember – As practical as all these points are, remember that this is your big day! Once your Marquee company has assisted with all the small detail, relax and enjoy. Your friends and family are there with you to celebrate, and being with the people you love should be your focus. Isn’t that what weddings are all about?


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