We Talk Wedding Food at Bees Marquees

When it comes to wedding food, it seems like there is a lot of hard decisions to make, as it can be one of the biggest expenses of your day. Sit down wedding dinner or a wedding buffet?We Talk Wedding Food...

Constantly flowing appetisers to prevent hunger among the guests? As well as the difficulties of dealing with fussy eaters, whilst covering the bases of meat eaters/vegans/vegetarians, and anyone with intolerance’s or allergies.
All of this and more can set your head in a spin.

The main thing to remember is that this is YOUR day, and that no choice you make can be wrong, so long as it suits your idea of what you want. Here are some big tips to help with any decisions you have to make along the way.

1. Decide first and foremost if you want the wedding meal to be a formal wedding sit down meal, or a buffet where people go and select their food from catering tables.
A Sit Down Wedding Meal is more formal, but does not have to be restrictive, as dependent on how you arrange your tables, can aid in encouraging sociability among your guests. This may also be the cheapest option if you are sticking to a budget, as each guest gets one plated amount of food from a variety of choices, for each course that you choose to have. A Wedding Buffet can provide lots of different choices for your guests, but you have to consider the arrangements for when and how people are going to approach the buffet tables, as you do not want over long queues, and certain foods all being taken before the rest of the guests can access it. Also, this can cost more money, as the caterers have to top up all the foods, just in case one variety does better than another.

2. What do you and your partner like to eat? It is a long day, and you need your energy. Are you fans of a particular type of food? You do not have to go for the latest “food craze” for weddings. Stick with food you know that you will eat and enjoy and that will keep you fueled. It is however worthwhile avoiding particular messy foods, as you do not want food spillages down wedding dresses and suits!!!

3. Research: It is worthwhile roughly researching, with the help of your partner, what ratio of family and friends are meat-eaters or vegetarians/vegans. This may help you decide on amount of alternative options you require.

4. Does your wedding venue have facility to cater to your guests, or will you have to hire a wedding caterer? If you have to hire in a wedding caterer, make sure you have a meeting with them and the venue in order to ensure that your caterers will have everything that they need to do their job.

5. When you have made decisions on what types of food you are going to serve, list the choices on the invitations to your wedding, so that you know in advance what people are going to be having. Also leave a box or a space for them to fill in if they have any particular allergies or intolerance’s you and your caterers should be aware of. It is worthwhile keeping a note or making a spreadsheet of all of the responses from your guests, as well as giving it to your caterers, in order to ensure that everything goes to plan on the day itself

6. And last but not least, alcohol. Are you going to give your guests a free bar, or are you going to lay on the first drink, or are you just going to pay for any alcohol consumed at the sit down meal and/or wedding breakfast?

Hopefully this will help you to get to grips with organising your food on your wedding day. Do you have any tips to add to the list?

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